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Runes oracle

Runes oracle

Runes are as old as human memory. An estimation of when runes were first used goes from 4000 or 6000 BC to far more back in time. In other words, we do not know when the runes were first developed.

Because the first runic letters were capricious twigs, they have disappeared early in the development of the runic writing. Because of the rectangular shape, it is considered that the runes stem from the civilisations in the northern part of Europe. However, they are also very well known in India. Possibly, they have travelled all over the world.

In the northern part of Europe, they were used during harvest time. Particular runic letters were put on the corners of the land to protect the crops and were used as a symbol of fertility. In war times, they were used as oracles and for pregnant women they were thought to help to make a tough childbirth bearable.

Priests used these to enlarge the effect of magical rituals and later the priests carved them into stones as a tribute to fallen leaders or important persons. However, they were not only carved into stones: they were also carved into artefacts, like the talisman, to give protection. Because of the coming of Christianity, which banned all other religions, the use of the runic writing has fallen into disuse. Because of the coming of numerous oracles from all over the world, the runic writing has conquered back its status as a European oracle.

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