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Daily horoscope Libra

23 September ~ 22 October

Keep going strong! Your excellent physical as well as mental condition makes that you can solve even the most difficult tasks playfully. You should think about the task at hand and get started immediately. You may have some trouble concentrating, because you're so full of energy..


Because you're interested in so many things, you're easily tempted to burden yourself too much. Despite the fact that your resistance to illness is still low, you notice that you're starting to feel like doing things again. Don't trust on miracle cures for regaining your energy quickly..


Try to open your heart, however difficult that may be. Try to find out how people react to your passivity. At the moment you're making a very good impression on the people around you and this makes that things are going very well for you..


You'll have a good chance of winning the lottery between eight and ten in the evening. Don't be too optimistic about things today. Fresh ideas will be realised with ease..

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