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Daily horoscope Leo

23 July ~ 22 August

You should give your partner some space, so your relationship can develop. Listen to your heart today, and let your engagements be for a while. You know that your worries lead you nowhere..


If you keep ignoring the signals your body is giving you, you'll cause some serious damage to it. You're going in the right direction. Don't take anybody's advice too seriously, it's only an opinion, not a universal truth..


Happiness is around the corner. It could be there's a small trip in the air, during which you'll be very impressed by something and make some new acquaintances. Today is the day to take the initiative in relationships..


Because of your inner strength you can help the people around you when problems arise. It's worth it to develop yourself, because the biggest source of success is you! Make good use of your inner powers! Don't let other people's jealousy withhold you from something you thought carefully about for a long time. A lucky shot will cause some turmoil..

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