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Daily horoscope Virgo

23 August ~ 22 September

Change is the only constant in life, so your life won't remain the same. You're making progress in your work. Don't be too demanding for yourself or your environment..


If you have a problem, talk to somebody you can trust, don't drink it away. Try to get a lot of exercise, preferably outdoors. Blended herbal teas can really get you going! Be aware to stay clear of inner unrest..


You're facing a decision that didn't seem so very important to you. You should be more consistent in your choices, because you still doubt certain things. Nothing or nobody can bring you down today..


Grab your chances when they're coming your way. You're very careful in picking your actions at the moment, and you're successful at that. Maybe you should be a bit more careful, because you can be a dreamer, don't overestimate your success..

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