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Daily horoscope Libra

23 September ~ 22 October

It's important to be a bit reserved and save your energies so you can make compromises more easily. You should take care that you don't become too dominant in relationships, especially with your boy/girlfriend. Do everything yourself today..


You're enduring and strong, you're dynamic and very potent. Maybe it's time for you to join a sports club? If you decide to be a bit sportier, you'll be surprised by the results. If you're becoming lazy your physical fitness may suffer from it..


You'll definitely need your new insights in the future. Don't rely too much on what other people tell you, just listen to your heart. Even though things aren't going according to plan today, after about ten 'o' clock things will turn for the better..


Be very clear about what you want today. You should stop and consider before you do certain transactions. Business matters have a good chance of success between two and four in the afternoon..

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