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Daily horoscope Virgo

23 August ~ 22 September

You'll be offered a lot of chances, you only have to grab them. Treat the current situation as a car that needs a test-drive before it can be pushed to the limit. Your efforts will be rewarded in the future..


If you hold on to emotional situations from the past you may develop an illness. It seems like you don't know how strong you can be, if you really want to. You've been a bit hyperactive lately, you should try to find an outlet for your energies, sports for instance..


Accept any invitation that will come your way. You're in a very good mood and you're able to enjoy almost anything that's coming your way. You're starting to come to terms with the rut your life has gotten into..


Relaxation will pay off, metaphorically as well as literally. Investments that are only indirectly your responsibility will be successful today. Get everything down to paper, including your financial situation..

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