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Daily horoscope Scorpion

23 October ~ 21 November

Take care in situations and with people that are unfamiliar to you: one trips more easily over the stones that one doesn't know. Everything you do that has to do with a little give and take, your humour and openness will go smoothly. Listen to your heart today, and let your engagements be for a while..


If you're facing some important decisions, you should ask a more experienced person for advice. Worries are no good to your immune system, neither are bad eating habits. Enjoy your positive mood, you're inspiring others by it..


Try not to be fooled by appearances. Be yourself: you want people to love YOU, not an illusion. You can only expect dedication and commitment from people if you don't keep everything inside..


Because of your determination and common sense you'll even get support from people whom at first were your opponents. It could be that from now on, your financial situation will get better. You're achieving a lot in the creative field and you're trying to inspire the people around you..

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