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Daily horoscope Gemini

21 May ~ 21 June

Relaxing exercises and meditation will give you peace of mind. Your motto should be: let's work! Maybe you should save some time to come to new insights. If you want to reach your goals, you should do it the traditional way..


If you need advice, go to professionals, they'll know what's best for you. Mind your health! The fact that you're so contented with your life at the moment, makes that you feel more energetic than usual. Even the best idea or the deepest insight is useless if you don't put it to practice..


Maybe it's time for you to join a sports club? Someone close to you, who has disappointed you recently, is trying to make up again. You'll have no hard time solving your problems, your spirit of enterprise will take care of that! It's written in the stars that you'll be very attractive to someone you love today. You're starting to come to terms with the rut your life has gotten into..


Think about how you could inspire people with your ideas. You're getting yourself deeper and deeper in financial problems. Try to get out of a circle of people who don't represent your viewpoints..

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