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Daily horoscope Taurus

20 April ~ 20 May

If you waste your energies on things that aren't worth it, you won't be given this great opportunity you yearn for. Don't be tempted into anything by your restlessness, think about your health. You should think about a person now who's the secret of your success: he or she should share in your success! Don't be too easy..


Because your natural resistance against illnesses is low, you're more susceptible to infections. Have faith in yourself and in your optimism. Maybe it's time to change the way you work or to deal with stress from your environment to avoid illnesses..


You shouldn't keep a problem, that you've been carrying with you for a long time, to yourself. You really feel you'd like to express your emotions, especially together with your boy/girlfriend. Try to bring your family closer together, they will get on speaking terms again..


There's still time to change the road you're on. Even though it's in the stars that you'll be successful, you should stay on your guard. Be patient, things will change for the better..

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