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Daily horoscope Cancer

22 June ~ 22 July

Don't say yes to a tempting offer too quickly. If you feel in good spirits, know that it's got nothing to do with folly or joking around. Stay clear of negative influences and be thorough if necessary..


You should try to avoid exciting and tiring work, because you're lacking in your natural resistance against illnesses. Think about what you would like to do, without paying too much attention to other people's opinions. You're so assured of success that you're able to take some risks..


Even though a one-night-stand sounds exciting, you should think yourself more valuable. Try to go out in the open and take a long walk. The stars indicate that your emotional life is carefully balanced..


Try to educate yourself, but make arrangements about what work can be done later. Because you're surrounded by people who believe in you, you can be sure they'll assist you. Use that strength you're feeling, then all your efforts will pay off..

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